Integral Education for the 21st Century

Igniting Brilliance

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From a reader in Norway, who says it best:

Igniting Brilliance strikes me as a perfect introduction to ‘integral education’. The book enlightens the readers mind with a brilliant build-up, and ignites the passion through dialogical conversations and first-person narratives. The way the authors involve the reader makes it easy to deeply recognize the essence of integral education. This makes it hard to stop reading!

We live in a complex, fast changing world. “An integral approach to education is one where all perspectives are acknowledged, organized and drawn upon in a manner that has integrity with the educational situation.” Central to this integral approach is becoming aware of the quality of consciousness. “This integral consciousness allows one to perceive, conceive and make meanings in ways that go well beyond how we are trained to do these things in our society today.”

Being a student, I’ve recently discovered “integral theory”. During preliminary school until now, I’ve encountered traditional, non-holistic ways of teaching. Getting to know an integral educator at the university changed my worldview. And also through the Counseling program, my view on myself and other people and on the educational system was challenged. This opened up new possibilities regarding ways of being and learning, which for me was and still is a liberating, awakening process.

After reading Igniting Brilliance an enthusiasm has been growing and I want to learn more! I will strongly recommend this book to all my current and future colleagues, and friends who are interesting in education, learning and self-development. This book will be one of my corner-stones on my own developing journey. I will use Igniting Brilliance as an inspiration, and hopefully be closer to becoming an ‘integral educator’ in the future.

~ Lina Lina Bruland